Internet Cash Management

Manage your cash flow efficiently with these Internet based tools and services.

Our Cash Management tools allow your business to spend less time on administrative tasks — improving your efficiency and your profitability. Choose the services that work best for your needs — all while boosting your bottom line.

Wire Transfers

This convenient service eliminates the need to visit a local branch each time you need to initiate a wire transfer. Now you can make secure wire transfers — domestic or international — right from your office.

  • Control and manage cash flow with same day funds delivery

  • Quick and efficient

  • Safe and secure

  • Send and receive transfers with ease

Sweep Account

Maximize the investment of your idle cash with Sweep Account. Provides automatic investment of excess funds in an Alliance Bank operating account into an overnight investment account that earns competitive interest rates.

  • Maximize earnings by investing idle funds

  • Maintain full access to funds

  • Avoid service charges by maintaining minimal target balance

  • Competitive interest rates

  • Greater control over your account

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a fraud prevention tool that allows you to pre-authorize debits against your account. This service allows you to view any items that do not match your pre-authorized debits and choose to either pay or return the items.

  • Business service

  • Effective fraud prevention

  • We only pay checks that register

  • Safe and secure

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Transfer your business funds in a safe and cost effective way. Our Automated Clearing House (ACH) service allows you to electronically pay state and federal tax payments, make payroll deposits, or collect invoice and billing payments, all with ease.

  • Utilize direct deposit payroll

  • Make direct payments

  • Federal or state tax payments

  • Collect invoice and billing payments

  • Safe and secure

  • Increased efficiency

* Some services subject to limitations and credit approval.  Contact Alliance Bank Central Texas for additional details.