Personal Financial Management Personal Financial Management (PFM)

Get a financial snapshot of all your accounts at Alliance Bank Central Texas and other financial institutions—including checking, savings, loans, and retirement accounts—in one convenient screen.

  • Create a summary of your complete financial picture with your normal online banking credentials; one web site, one password, one convenient screen!
  • Securely access your balance and history from almost any financial institution.

Personal Financial Management is an online money management tool, integrated into online banking, that empowers you to take control of your finances and simplify your life. Budgeting, account aggregation, categorization and mobile access are just a few of the tools to guide you along your way.

Account Aggregation

PFM Cards Example

Aggregate your various financial account balances and transactions into one place, and get a complete financial picture.

PFM aggregates information from almost every financial institutions and we add more every month. Account aggregation gathers basic financial information from all of your different financial institutions and organizes it into one place.

Expense Tracking

Food and dining expense chart

Don’t just track spending, know your spending! Get powerful insights on where, when, and how you spend.

PRM automatically categorizes & tracks spending from all your accounts, so you can see where your money is really going. Then create relative budgets based off your actual spending, income, debts, and expenses.


A better way to budget. Visualize and interact with your budgets in a more meaningful way.


We are committed to confidentiality, integrity, and security. With that in mind we've integrated PFM into your online banking to insure that your sensitive information is protected with the highest of security standards.