Important News

Banking is a constantly changing business. Find out important information that may impact your accounts....

  1. Mobile Deposit -   Customers using mobile deposit are now required to print "For ABCT Mobile Deposit Only" and their signature on the back of deposited items.  Call Customer Service at 254.741.8000 for more information.
  2. Debit Cards -   Increasing fraud on debit cards may result in transaction limitations in certain instances.  For example, Pay-at-the-Pump may not work in some areas.
  3. Internet Banking - We are now offering Personal Financial Management tools within Internet Banking.  Aggregate all your financial information in a single location.  Call Customer Service at 254.741.8000 for more information.
  4. SnaP2Pay Funds Transfer -   An easy way to send money to friends and family.  
  5. Round Up Savings -   Debit Card transactions are "rounded up" to the nearest dollar and excess funds are transferred to another account at Alliance Bank Central Texas.  Think of it as a digital coin jar!